Sunday, 4 March 2012

Trigger IO plus IED05 plus a few bits and bobs

So here is the kit
  • Trigger IO
  • ION IED 05 Pads and HH pedal. All the original Cables cut and fitted with 1/4 TRS plugs
  • My Old Home Cinema setup...(some sonyorother)
  • Cheapo Yamaha Kick pedal triggering a rubber/ foam/ steel plate /piezo
  • Rubber/ Steel Plate/ foam Cymbal experiment (made from scrap)

It all works nicely. Kick is fine - just needs less gain and a higher threshold to stop triggers from pedal lifts
Pads all work with a gain of about 9 and are sensitive to really small strikes. I have left the pots in circuit on the pads  but turned all the way to full   Hi hat pedal does the job for now
"Cymbal" is super sensitive so I might have to dumb it down a bit. Need to have more of a filddle with the IO.

Best with phones of course, but nice to fire the guitar and amplitube up and use the pedals for a kind of simple stomp box which is kind of fun with the amp on. I have been experimenting with playing the guitar with one drumstick in my right hand...

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Trigger IO...looks good

Well the trigger IO works straight out of the box. Just soldered some 1/4" trs jacks onto the end of my original ION cables and away it went.

I have configured my drumset in a 3x3 array. Its not a real set so it need not look like one...

Almost finished a new kick trigger so will post a pic. Dont know what to do with the Edrum - with a proper midi trigger, it might just work.

If anyone is actually reading this in the UK, it can be yours for £10 posted . message me. No guarentee - you have read the blog :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Everything is on hold until I get a USB-MIDI module...


Admittedly, my USB-MIDI thingy was only 3 quid and worked fine on my keyboard, but it might not be able to handle the edrum as well. As soon as I can get hold of an m-audio or edirol unit, ill restart the project.

I would love something like a UA 20 so I can plug my guitar in too. (I currently use a guitar-link copy which works but suffers from loads of noise

these go reasonably cheap S/H but maybe not cheap enough...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Still got the Crosstalk


A real pain, is this. Have gone over the soldering and checked for dry joints etc. I have added some grounding and shortened the cables a little. all unused inputs are grounded and all pots are in place


I still get the odd cymbal triggered off the snare. I still get a rim instead of hi hat sometimes. Still get the odd bass drum instead of a cymbal..

When the xrosstalk occurs, there is no activity on any other channel . Crosstalk velocity is high too.

Might roll back the firmware and give that a go

Friday, 10 February 2012

Ist full test. hmm

Ok so I have stuck pots in all the pads and grounded unused inputs.

My Problems are. Snare triggering unmapped  notes. It is crosstalk, but internal as there is no indication on level meters

Getting  missed notes too. Done tests on this and the input side seems to be working, but get the occasional missed output.

I am just learning to bang the pads so I am up against it. Frustrations make it hard to want to continue


Monday, 6 February 2012

100_3225 100_3227

Its all a bit rough. But I like rough so hey-ho.

The unit works well but I have a bit of annoying crosstalk. There is no Input activity so it might be something like noise on the connection between the board and the USB midi. (I didnt screen it as it was so short - maybe a mistake)

Ill contact admir via the forum for advice.


Actually I think it is fine. I havnt fitted the pots in the heads yet and there are some inputs ungrounded. Also, I had set the thresholds on the snare/snare  rim at 2 so there was low level noise. As soon as I turned those up and frigged the unused inputs, it seemed like it will be all good

Happy days